Episode 71: Group Economics (Feat. Oh. Cee, HowFlyy, & EJay)

  • 1:23:28
  • 11 April, 2020
  • Explicit Content

Yerrrr welcome to another episode of 110 Parkside. This week we have a wild off the rails episode featuring several of our past F.O.T.S Oh.Cee, Ejay and HowFlyy. Thanks to COVID-19 once again our podcast comes to you all via Zoom. Our dynamic duo starts off the episode solo and then adds on to our lovely crew as the episode goes on. Throughout the episode, the team touches on the XFL, RMR’s new original song, a toilet that scans for diseases and much more. As per usual our duo finishes out the episode with the Next Up segment and Kii premieres Launchpad Music’s new bop “Facetime”. All of this and more on this week’s episode of 110 Parkside.

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Rizky’s: @hate.smoke | Hate Smoke – every night (feat. MIDA$)

Kii’s: @launchpadmusicstu | Launchpad Music – Facetime



Maur Kii – @MusicIsKii

Rizky – @OfficialRizk | @RizkyDigital

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